james_lovick _president

President Cheese

For all the cheese lovers amongst you! New work from James Lovick for President.
June 2, 2023/by devloper2

New work from Elle Brooks-Tao and The Tao Brothers

INSOMNIA - we’ve all been there and if you haven’t, you’re very lucky! It’s challenging enough battling it solo but when faced with it as a couple, it puts your relationship to the ultimate test…
February 27, 2023/by devloper2

Road Safety by Elle Brooks-Tao

Powerful new work from Elle Brooks-Tao for the Road Safety Authority in the US. This is sensitive content so viewer discretion is advised.
October 8, 2022/by devloper2
The Dry

Gillian Hyland shoots The Dry

More new work from Gillian Hyland. This time for The Dry, a new comedy drama series on BritBoxTV and RTE One.
October 8, 2022/by devloper2
AsIAm Anxious

Gillian Hyland shoots AsIAm Campaign

Lovely new work from Gillian for AsIAm.
If you're autistic, anxiety can stop you doing day to day things most of us take for granted.
For an autistic person, loneliness often arises from a sense of otherness and separation from society.
For autistic people, everyday situations can often trigger a sensory overload.
AsIAm is working to support and empower autistic people.
September 16, 2022/by devloper2
white claw surf

New work from Elle Brooks-Tao for White Claw

We love this new spot from Elle Brooks-Tao for White Claw. It's a visual feast!
September 12, 2022/by devloper2
Quilted Tubeless

New work directed by Richard Hunter for Cushelle

Lovely new work from our director Richard Hunter. This time he's moving into the CG world with Cushelle and their mascot Kenny the Koala promoting their new tubeless toilet roll. Cushelle is paving the way by ditching the cardboard inner tube from their packaging in an effort to further reduce waste. Although their inner tubes are recyclable and biodegradable, they are made from cardboard, which ultimately contributes to deforestation and an increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.
September 3, 2022/by devloper2
Annie Beauchamp wins at the APDG Awards

Annie Beauchamp wins at the APDG Awards

We're so proud of the amazing Annie Beauchamp and her incredible team who won the award for Best Production Design for Swan Song at the APDG Awards this month.
September 3, 2022/by devloper2
Glimpse Poster Cannes WinnerT4

Benjamin Cleary’s new VR experience wins at Cannes XR

Huge congratulations to Benjamin Cleary, Michael O'Connor and the whole Glimpse team for their win at Cannes XR as part of the Marche du Film - Festival du Cannes. Glimpse was awarded the Veer Future Award for Best Interactive Experience.
May 28, 2022/by devloper2
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