Assembly welcomes photographer Clare Wilkinson

All new signings are exciting, there’s a creative connection and excitement about future collaborations together. However, this particular signing holds an extra level of excitement because our connection with Clare Wilkinson goes back three decades, and the chance to join forces and collaborate together makes us very happy!! Some more about Clare…. Clare Wilkinson is an experienced photographer with a passion for food. She has created photography for food businesses, supermarkets, cookbooks and more. Specialising in still life, lifestyle and food projects, her creative and extensive knowledge in all things food means that she has an incredible attention to detail, ensuring she leaves no crumb left unturned. Clare trained at Ballymaloe Cookery School and has also worked as a food stylist on many advertising campaigns which means she is well equipped with the knowledge in food to help clients with problem solving and providing creative solutions to further their vision. Clare also set up Ireland’s first purposely built kitchen studio space to hire. This ideal creative environment works perfectly for a variety of jobs. The spacious studios with two fully equipped kitchens, beautiful natural light and in a prime location in the heart of Dublin city is a great place to bring creative projects to life.
September 25, 2023/by devloper2

New work for AIG directed by Elle Brooks-Tao

We loved working on this with Elle, Sanctuary and Taylor Strategy. Big shout out to our fabulous cast, it was such a pleasure working with all of these amazing girls and huge thanks to our incredible crew.
August 30, 2023/by devloper2
West Cork Distillers

Eoin Holland and West Cork Distillers

Lovely new work from Eoin Holland for West Cork Distillers!
August 11, 2023/by devloper2
Mandy Hoffman

Mandy Hoffman joins the Assembly roster

We are delighted to announce our new composer, the amazing Mandy Hoffman. Guided by her passion of storytelling and visual art, Mandy found her musical niche in composing to picture. She is known for her broad stylistic range, unique voice, and thoughtfully nuanced scores that strongly support both story and vision. Her work on films, series, documentaries, commercials, and art installations have appeared in theaters, networks, top film festivals and prestigious art galleries all over the world. Recently, concert music was added to her repertoire, with live orchestral events held at Lincoln Center in New York and The Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles. Her scores for The Lovers (A24) and Hala (Overbrook/Apple TV+) received ample praise from top film critics. Her music appears on countless TV shows, including underscoring Joey Soloway’s I Love Dick (Amazon), Doll & Em (HBO), and the Anna Kendrick-led Dummy (Roku). Mandy is an active member of the music and filmmaking communities, often sitting on panels and leading workshops. She is an adjunct professor at NYU’s Screen Scoring program, and she guest lectures at The New School, Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, and Sound Thinking. She is a member of The Academy of Motion Pictures and is a board member at the Alliance for Women Film Composers. She currently resides in New York City.
July 18, 2023/by devloper2
james_lovick _president

President Cheese

For all the cheese lovers amongst you! New work from James Lovick for President.
June 2, 2023/by devloper2

New work from Elle Brooks-Tao and The Tao Brothers

INSOMNIA - we’ve all been there and if you haven’t, you’re very lucky! It’s challenging enough battling it solo but when faced with it as a couple, it puts your relationship to the ultimate test…
February 27, 2023/by devloper2

Road Safety by Elle Brooks-Tao

Powerful new work from Elle Brooks-Tao for the Road Safety Authority in the US. This is sensitive content so viewer discretion is advised.
October 8, 2022/by devloper2
The Dry

Gillian Hyland shoots The Dry

More new work from Gillian Hyland. This time for The Dry, a new comedy drama series on BritBoxTV and RTE One.
October 8, 2022/by devloper2
AsIAm Anxious

Gillian Hyland shoots AsIAm Campaign

Lovely new work from Gillian for AsIAm.
If you're autistic, anxiety can stop you doing day to day things most of us take for granted.
For an autistic person, loneliness often arises from a sense of otherness and separation from society.
For autistic people, everyday situations can often trigger a sensory overload.
AsIAm is working to support and empower autistic people.
September 16, 2022/by devloper2
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