Elle’s interview with 1.4

Fantastic interview with Elle Ginter in 1.4 this month.

“Across her short films and commercial work, director Elle Ginter has built a style that balances visual precision and sharp narrative efficiency to emotionally resonant effect. Playing with memories, internal monologues and life changing moments of self-realisation, Elle’s films are deeply personal yet profoundly human at the same time. In her spots for Nike and Comcast she shines a spotlight on important moments of social change that break stereotypes and invite us to rethink assumptions about female identity. Alongside this she has explored themes of mental health and the determination of one individual to bring former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré to justice. 1.4 spoke with Elle to find out more.”

Click on link above to read the full piece and to see Elle’s reel go to https://assembly.ie/elle-ginter/