Elle Ginter, YouTube and Buzz Aldrin

We love this new spot from Elle Ginter for YouTube starring Dr Buzz Aldrin.
We asked Elle how the job went and she said “This experience was such a thrilling one on so many levels. Adam [Newport-Berra] was the best collaborator in that he co-lead and was as invested in every shot as much as I was, and Buzz Aldrin was equal to how I’d imagine working with Meryl Streep.. invested in each split second and perfecting each line with the intensity of the astrophysicist he is. He insisted on perfection in his timing and performance. The agency, Grey LA, was also so collaborative to work with in shooting on film and doing a live score. Ultimately, us going through the edit and score together brought it home, I think. We didn’t lose the imagination in the story.’
To see more of Elle’s work, go to https://assembly.ie/portfolio-item/elle-ginter/