Director James Lovick signs to Assembly

We are delighted to welcome James Lovick to the Assembly roster. James started out directing documentaries and moved into commercials three years ago. In that short time he has worked with a wide range of brands including Baileys, Kenwood, Dorset Cereals, Mornflake, Seedlip & Amazon, Indeed, Volvo, Sony and Vodafone.

Most recently, James ventured into stop motion, animating typography and messaging using food and ingredients. His work was spotted online and he was asked would he do some variations for the charity Frontline Foods in their cause to feed United States frontline workers. James’s work was featured on billboards across the US.

James’s film “Why This Road” was nominated at the YDA at Cannes. He won an EVCOM Silver Screen award for Dorset Cereals and was shortlisted for an Evcom Industry Award for WWF.

We’re really looking forward to working with James! To see his reel, go to