Ciarán Foy’s new ad for SAMSUNG 360

We love Ciarán’s new commercial for SAMSUNG 360 which launched last week to a fantastic response. Working with Great Guns in the UK and Cheil in Amsterdam they encapsulated the 360 world perfectly. This is what Ciarán had to say about it; “This was a fantastic project to work on. I love action and heart pulsing pieces, like my Playstation spot, and Samsung Live 360 had a great kinetic flow to it – going from world to world – that I immediately responded to and knew I could bring it to life in an exciting and engaging way.

Given that the Samsung 360 and Samsung VR were central to the spot, the initial idea was to shoot the entire spot shot in 360, but moving the camera within 360 is still prohibitively expensive to shoot and post, so we shot it in “regular” 2D. I wanted to give the viewer an experience of what it’s like being thrust into these different 360 words and it being an all encompassing trip. I wanted no obvious cuts, so that our POV (we are the hero, seeing it through his eyes) invisibly travels from one world to the next, like a non-stop and overwhelming ride of visual and audio engagement. Then when that ride is suddenly stopped – when he gets the call from his Mum – it should feel like coming out of a dream”.