Boys and Girls D&AD pencil

Great news for Boys and Girls picking up a pencil at the prestigious D&AD awards for their “Sound of Sixteen” piece which they collaborated with Gareth on. Here’s what Gareth had to say; This month I had the great honour of being part of the team that picked up a wooden pencil at the prestigious D&AD awards. The only Irish production to win at the awards, the pencil was for the integrated campaign to celebrate the birth of Irish Broadcast radio in 1916. It was a true joy to work on the sonic realisation of this idea, and it was a pleasure to be brought in at an early stage of production, to experiment and collaborate on how best to realise the concept and push the limits of broadcast radio as far as possible. Hijacking every radio station entirely for 90 seconds was a real treat, which I experienced in the the local Spar, amongst bemused and intrigued costumers!