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Assembly Celebrating 10 Years

And so ends another year and in our case 10 years! Here’s a few highlights from the first decade of Assembly. Thank you to our amazing team; the directors, illustrators, photographers and composers and huge thanks to our wonderful crew, agencies and clients. It’s been the biggest pleasure working with you all. Excited to see […]

Elle Brooks-Tao AIB Director’s Cut

Following on from the storyboards yesterday, here’s Elle Brooks-Tao’s director’s cut for AIB. We loved making this ad, it took us on a very fun (and sometimes very cringy) trip down memory lane. Thinking back about what we were like in our 20s and 30s, the clothes and make up we wore, life with and […]

Michaelia Wu’s AIB Storyboards

A few weeks ago we launched our ad for AIB directed by Elle Brooks-Tao. Elle’s director’s cut is coming out tomorrow so in advance of that we’re sharing the storyboards for you to get a peak of how she visualises the ad before we shoot. The boards were beautifully illustrated by our storyboard artist Michaelia […]

Eoin Holland and Guinness

New work from Eoin Holland for Guinness. We loved working with the team in Taylor on this one. Shot in The Guinness Storehouse and at the Notre Dame v Navy game in the Aviva with the legendary Joe Montana.

Wave acquired by Disney Plus

Delighted to see WAVE on Disney Plus! We’ve had an amazing journey with this film and it’s not over yet…. WAVE is going to be on Disney Plus for the next 3 years so if you have a spare 14 minutes, please give it a watch. It’s only in Ireland and the UK for now, […]

Musica Paradiso and Bank of Ireland

Great to have Musica Paradiso provide original music for the latest Bank of Ireland commercial. With thanks to the team at Ringers Creative. Directed by Hadi and produced by our friends in Butter Films.

Assembly welcomes photographer Clare Wilkinson

All new signings are exciting, there’s a creative connection and excitement about future collaborations together. However, this particular signing holds an extra level of excitement because our connection with Clare Wilkinson goes back three decades, and the chance to join forces and collaborate together makes us very happy!! Some more about Clare…. Clare Wilkinson is […]

New work for AIG directed by Elle Brooks-Tao

We loved working on this with Elle, Sanctuary and Taylor Strategy. Big shout out to our fabulous cast, it was such a pleasure working with all of these amazing girls and huge thanks to our incredible crew.

Mandy Hoffman joins the Assembly roster

We are delighted to announce our new composer, the amazing Mandy Hoffman. Guided by her passion of storytelling and visual art, Mandy found her musical niche in composing to picture. She is known for her broad stylistic range, unique voice, and thoughtfully nuanced scores that strongly support both story and vision. Her work on films, […]