Assembly welcomes photographer Clare Wilkinson

All new signings are exciting, there’s a creative connection and excitement about future collaborations together. However, this particular signing holds an extra level of excitement because our connection with Clare Wilkinson goes back three decades, and the chance to join forces and collaborate together makes us very happy!! Some more about Clare…. Clare Wilkinson is an experienced photographer with a passion for food. She has created photography for food businesses, supermarkets, cookbooks and more. Specialising in still life, lifestyle and food projects, her creative and extensive knowledge in all things food means that she has an incredible attention to detail, ensuring she leaves no crumb left unturned. Clare trained at Ballymaloe Cookery School and has also worked as a food stylist on many advertising campaigns which means she is well equipped with the knowledge in food to help clients with problem solving and providing creative solutions to further their vision. Clare also set up Ireland’s first purposely built kitchen studio space to hire. This ideal creative environment works perfectly for a variety of jobs. The spacious studios with two fully equipped kitchens, beautiful natural light and in a prime location in the heart of Dublin city is a great place to bring creative projects to life.