After receiving a Masters Degree in visual communications, Charley Stadler shot for magazines such as Elle, Vogue and a Max Cover, for brands such as Big Star Jeans, Marco Polo and Diesel and for bands like Metallica. Charley then transitioned into commercial directing and London‘s “Campaign Magazine“ declared him “One of the world‘s hip new directors”. To date, Charley has worked with stars like Sean Connery, Sharon Stone and Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and directed more than 200 commercials for the biggest brands all over the world, including international and global campaigns for Allianz, Chupa Chups, Toyota, Smart, Snickers, McDonalds, Ford, Honda, Adidas, Coca Cola and Sberbank, main sponsor for Sochi as well as the biggest global campaign to date for Microsoft. He has received well over 100 international awards, including those from N.Y. Festivals, London Int’l Awards, Cannes, Bessies Canada, Icad Ireland (Sprite Quench ) , Mobius, International Epica, Montreux and Arabic Ad Festival and Art Directors Club Swiss and Germany. The Head of TV of BBDO International calls him “Germany‘s Golden Boy” and Who’s Who lists Charley in its book of most influential creative people.

Amongst his many awards, Charley’s 2011 Porsche Design commercial starring Billy Zane and Karel Roden won eleven International Gold medals. In 2013, his quirky Frothy Beast commercial for Cadbury via Fallon in London garnered over two and a half million hits within two days. Shots Magazine in the UK again recognized Charley’s Swiss based Delizio Coffee commercial, which just won Silver at the International EPICA Awards. His latest off the wall project for “Woody“ Woodstock Burbon/Coke starring Pamela Anderson for the New Zealand market has made headlines in the news and BBDO Moscow called his latest film for Abramovich’s sausage company Klinksi their craziest ad in their history.

In June 2016 Filestage named Charley 37th in the top 50 Best Commercial Directors in the World.