Josh Dawson’s latest piece for “Innocence” is dark but poignant. The commercial is extremely powerful and there’s no doubt he executed the clever creative with shocking precision. This is what Josh had to say about the process “It is hard to believe that child abuse of any kind happens, the fact we have to have a conversation about it is depressing. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and the only way to change and challenge such awful behaviour is to begin a conversation about it, to teach others and spread awareness. The agency made a strong and uncomfortable script that we simplified to the absolute minimum to create this commercial.”


The adage that timing is everything is given it’s due with this precision of work of percussion from Budweiser. The ‘Whiplash’ effect is going strong and Adam Hashemi’s commercial channels the raw power of a drumbeat with masterly control. Our composer Mads Heldtberg from House of Hayduk is to credit for this great work and this is what he had to say; “Adam and I have such a strong creative shorthand after working together for so many years. He sent me the material, and I instantly got it. I was working with Dave Lombardo (Slayer) tracking drums at the time for my next HoH album, at Sunset Sound and I thought it would literally be the best and most insane scenario to get him onboard. He was down! Between the tight, driving edit, musical build, and huge sound, it really works.”

Societe Generale

Charley Stadler’s new commercial for Societe Generale is the definition of fast paced. They shot in 16 different locations with over 20 different actors in 4 days! Great job done, we love it.


We just finished producing the Irish and UK commercials for Trivago directed by Adam Johnson. Due to the lack of studio space at the moment, we went out to the Helix for the three day shoot and Colm Bassett construction built us our own 20 x 20 green screen inside their sound proofed stage room. It worked a treat, great studio option!

Sammy Khalid

We our delighted to announce a new artist on our books called Sammy Khalid. We’ve been working with Sammy over the past year and he is ridiculously talented. A graduate of BCFE and DJCAD, his background is in classical and 3D animation. Although his passions lie within design, Sammy is familiar with all stages of production. He specialised in concept design, production illustration and matte painting. His eclectic skill-set affords him the ability to work within various visual styles incorporating 3D software to achieve photo-real images with a quick turnaround.


MIKAYLA W.M.D. is a short sci-fi action teaser written and directed by Ciaran Foy and funded by Irish Film Board/ Bord Scannán na hÉireann. It was shot over three days underground in Croke Park and on Stage 3 at Ardmore Studios. It stars Christina Chong (soon to appear in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS) as Mikayla, a female cyborg who is the ultimate weapon. This teaser is a glimpse at the seven minute short, which will completed soon. Ciaran is presently working on a feature version of involving the same concept.